Saturday, April 23, 2011


Have you ever paddled a canoe? The guy in front paddles on one side while the person in back paddles on the other side...also the back person can use his paddle as a rudder to make corrections as needed to keep the canoe on course. Otherwise, the canoe would go in circles or zigzag across the water.

The other day while driving down Redwood Road, while waiting for a light to change, my view and mind focused on an individual. He was in the pedestrian lane crossing the six lanes of traffic at the intersection. This isn't the first time I have seen him, but his situation really tugged at my heart. I wondered that someone didn't get out of their car and help him...perhaps he doesn't want help.

The individual was in a wheel chair. Not a fancy motorized one, but one where you have to use your arms and hands to propel it forward. This man has only one arm that he can use. He would push the one side forward, then reach across his body and pull the other wheel forward. It's amazing that with all the little zigzags that he had to do to move forward, that he made it across those six lanes before the light changed.

My mind must have been in the Easter mode, because I was thinking about how Christ suffered death for all, and that resurrection is a gift for all mankind. I thought about how when we are resurrected we will have perfect bodies, free of the maladies that beset our mortal nature. Someday, the wheelchair guy will stand tall and walk instead of hunched over struggling to propel himself forward.

This Easter I am thankful for Jesus Christ...He is Risen.