Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A few months back, we had a sweet little old lady join us in our mission. I would guess that she's probably in her early seventies.
Yesterday at our planning meeting she had a story to tell. It seems that she loves cats and that for many years she has been feeding some feral cats. There's a big tree in a field and there, she has built little shelters for them. She said that she is currently feeding 14 cats.
This past weekend was very stormy and that didn't stop her. She said that as she was returning from the field, that a car stopped and two cute girls got out. They asked her if she was the one that takes care of the cats and she responded that she was. The girls said they would like to help and each of them gave her a one inch stack of bills. (she later counted 150 $1 bills) She thanked the girls and asked what they did to earn the money. They responded that they were pole dancers and strippers.
The little old lady said to us at our meeting, "you know where those bills have been"

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