Monday, November 5, 2012


After dropping Nan and Les off for a race, I finished my chores and headed to my favorite therapy spot. As I headed east towards the canyon, I noticed how all the mountains were gold and red. My favorite spot is a bench about two minutes down the Granite Quarry Trail. It has a great view of the mountains across the canyon and you can hear the babble of the creek below. Today the temperature wa...
s mild and I was comfortable wearing a jacket. I only stayed for 30 minutes and although there were a few cars at the trailhead, I only saw one person while sitting on my bench. It was so peaceful and the soft breeze carried a promise of warming with it. Looking at the rugged canyon with the high cliffs and being surrounded by the colorful trees, it's hard to imagine that there was once a little town there while the quarry was in operation. I've always loved Spring the best, but this year with all the colors and with my favorite bench on the trail, I've come to realize that perhaps Fall if fast becoming my favorite time of year.

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